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Indian classical dance represents an ancient way of expressing devotion to The Divine. It is a form of spiritual practice and offering. For children, youth and adults classical dance training positively channels the mind and body, develops balance, courage, confidence and joy for learning and growth into happy, positive and confident self.

Odissi is one of the seven types of Indian Classical Dance, which has been known as world’s oldest Temple dance danced by Devdasi dancers in temples of India for God only.

PHYSICAL, MENTAL / EMOTIONAL BENEFITS of ODISSI DANCE: increased self-love, self-care, devotion, commitment, ability to express one’s deepest sentiments and feelings, memory, alertness, strength, flexibility, breath depth, body- mind awareness, balance of left/right halves of body, masculine and feminine, coordination, happiness, joy from learning dance as a new language, improved posture, muscle tone and memory, alleviation of muscle aches and pains, improved circulation, respect to the body as a sacred space and home to the divine self or soul, connection to the divine and sacred feminine energy, GODDESS, compassionate love for humanity and all creations.

Unlike any other classical dance, Odissi uses a specific posture called “tribhangi”, where dancer’s body is bent in three different angles: lower limbs, torso, and neck with head. This creates a very mesmerizing impact on the spectator as this is a typical pose of Lord Krishna the representation of dance, devotional love and desirelessness.

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